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Prak Classic Touch Free Hand towel dispenser


Prak Classic Touch Free Hand towel dispenser by PRAK industries

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The system delivers pre-measured flat sheets of paper towel ready to use, minimizing the risk of cross contamination as only the paper is touched not the dispenser. This low maintenance mechanical dispenser can fit almost all types of paper rolls – 1ply, 2ply, 3ply.

  • Premium Efficient Hand Towel Dispenser

If you want a paper towel dispenser that’s both extremely high quality and efficient, look no further. Designed with impeccable attention to detail, the Fig Ecomatic Autocut dispenser will dramatically reduce the amount of paper towels you waste, and therefore the amount of money you waste on refilling your paper towels.

  • Dramatically Reduces Waste

This dispenser is designed to dramatically reduce wasted paper towels, with a design based on research of end-user washroom habits. These studies found that users will almost always take the same amount of paper towels no matter how small or large the sheets are. This dispenser aims to combat this by applying resistance to each sheet as it’s dispensed, which means the user needs to firmly pull with both hands to remove the paper. This discourages users from taking more towel than they need. Even if the user takes multiple sheets, the Ecomatic hand towels are made to be smaller to further reduce waste. This means every roll of paper towel goes a little further.

  • Holds Up to 900 Sheets

This dispenser works exclusively with Ecomatic paper towel rolls. As it’s designed to work perfectly with these hand towels (available in sustainable bamboo, recycled blue, or recycled white varieties), it’s able to maximise the number of paper towels it can hold. The bamboo roll has 900 sheets per roll – not only do you get more hand towels, but each one goes further!

  • Seamless One-Piece Housing

Each dispenser is hewn from a single, seamless piece of material. This lends them two major benefits. The first is that they have a sleek, premium appearance that is sure to add a touch of luxury to any washroom. If you want your washroom fittings to represent your brand in the best possible light, this is an important feature to look out for. Another benefit is that it makes the surface of the dispenser much easier to wipe clean. As there is no join anywhere on the housing, there is nowhere for dirt and bacteria to hide in. This means it’s easy to keep the dispenser looking its best.

  • 3 Finishes Available

Choose between three finishes – an antibacterial white plastic, a sleek black housing, or a premium stainless steel model. All are made with FIG’s signature seamless housing.

  • Optional Antibacterial Protection

The white model has an extra feature – its plastic housing is impregnated with silver ions. This gives it antibacterial properties, ensuring your washroom is kept as hygienic as possible.

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