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Prak Hitech Auto-Cut Towel Dispenser


Autocut Hand Towel Roll Dispenser Key features:

 Amazing efficiency reduces washroom waste and saves you money

 Holds up to 900 sheets

 Streamlined sheet size and single sheet dispensing keep waste to a minimum

 Seamless one-piece housing with no join

 Available in 3 finishes – white finish includes antibacterial protection

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Prak Hitech Auto-Cut Towel Dispenser excels in settings where cleanliness is a top priority. Since only the paper is handled and not the dispenser, the system’s delivery of flat, pre-measured paper towel sheets that are ready for use reduces the possibility of cross contamination. The 1ply, 2ply, and 3ply paper rolls suit practically all models of this low-maintenance mechanical dispenser.

  • High-Quality, Effective Hand Towel Dispenser

Look no further if you want a paper towel dispenser that is both incredibly high quality and effective. The Prak Hitech Auto-Cut Towel Dispenser, which was meticulously thought out, will significantly cut down on the number of paper towels you waste and, consequently, the money you spend on more paper towels.

  • Significantly Lowers Waste

This dispenser’s design is based on research into end-user bathroom behaviors and aims to significantly minimize paper towel waste. These investigations discovered that regardless of how little or large the sheets are, consumers nearly always take the same number of paper towels. This dispenser seeks to prevent this by adding resistance to each sheet as it is released, necessitating a forceful tug with both hands from the user in order to remove the paper. As a result, people are deterred from bringing more towels than they require. The Prak hand towels are engineered to be smaller to further decrease waste, even if the user uses numerous sheets. This implies that each roll of paper towels is used somewhat longer.

  • Holds 900 Sheets Maximum

The only paper towel rolls that fit this dispenser are Ecomatic ones. It can accommodate the most paper towels possible because it is made specifically to operate with these hand towels, which come in sustainable bamboo, recycled blue, or recycled white variants. Each roll of the bamboo roll has 900 sheets, so you not only receive more hand towels, but they also last longer!

  • One-Piece Housing That Is Seamless

Every dispenser is cut from a single piece of cloth that is seamless. They gain two key advantages from this. The first is that they have a classy, high-end look that would instantly elevate any bathroom. This is a crucial element to look out for if you want your bathroom fixtures to best represent your business. Another advantage is that it makes cleaning the dispenser’s surface considerably simpler. There are no joins on the housing, therefore there are no crevices for dirt and microorganisms to hide in. This implies that maintaining the dispenser’s optimum appearance is simple.

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