Hand hygiene is often underestimated by many people. Despite its significance, it is often considered unimportant. However, it plays a vital role in preventing the transmission of harmful bacteria and pathogens into our bodies when they come into contact with our mouths. Using soap with clean running water is an effective way to remove pathogens from our hands. Unfortunately, many people fail to wash their hands properly.

Our hands are involved in over 90% of our daily activities, from using the restroom and public or private transportation to touching surfaces, interacting with animals, exchanging greetings, and even scratching our bodies. With all these activities, there is a high risk of picking up bacteria from our daily interactions and unknowingly transferring them to our families and friends. Therefore, it is crucial that we prioritize hand hygiene and not underestimate its importance.

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Germs or pathogens, which are tiny organisms that cause diseases, are likely to accumulate on our hands due to our daily activities.

One essential aspect of handwashing is often overlooked. To effectively fulfill its purpose, soap requires at least 20 seconds of handwashing. Shortening that time could mean missing out on the full protective effect of using soap.

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