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Nano Plus N7 Professional Scent Diffuser


Nano plus N7 professional scent diffuser:
Rulopak scenting systems vaporize the scent with special technology that enables the scent aroma fragrance be diffused in the whole area equally with horizontally moving Nano-particles, thus achieving that the scent lasts longer in the air.

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Use the Nano Mist Electronic Aroma Diffuser to diffuse your essential oils with style and convenience. This essential oil diffuser is whisper-quiet but strong, maintaining the purity of your essential oils while delivering high-quality smell in your living room, bedroom, or small office.

You have the most control and versatility over aroma distribution with the Nano Plus Auto Diffuser. This compact aroma machine is made entirely of metal, stands up straight, and has cutting-edge Bluetooth technology. By linking it to your smartphone, you can effortlessly adjust the run duration and aroma strength while saving energy and oil.

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